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Is Kendall Jenner Taking Style Cues From Mother Russia?



Kendall Jenner, is that you? Today, as she emerged from the Versace show, the model appeared semi-incognito, thanks to an unorthodox (yet very on-trend) accessory: a babushka, or knotted headscarf, which takes its name from the Russian grandmothers who wear them. She paired the colorful silk swathe with a white button-up shirt, matching high-waisted pants, and square toe black boots. To further emphasize that “no cameras, please!” attitude, Jenner wore Linda Farrow rectangular sunglasses (though the sun had set) and a buff bodyguard on her arm.

Jenner is far from the first celebrity to wear the Soviet staple on the street. Take A$AP Rocky, who stepped out in a pink Gucci version at the LACMA Art and Film Gala back in November. (Fun fact: The rapper is so passionate about the headgear, he has a song named “Babushka.”) A few months later, Frank Ocean wore an incarnation underneath a green hoodie, accessorizing it with a pair of metal rim glasses and an ear-to-ear grin. The main difference, however, between Jenner and the boys: Rocky and Ocean knotted the scarves under their chins, much like a potato-lugging lady from the Eastern Bloc. Jenner chicly tied hers behind her neck for a more elevated kerchief—a little less granny, a little more Grace Kelly.


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