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How Much Weed Does Snoop Really Smoke?



Snoop Dogg is no stranger to being praised as a marijuana connoisseur. However, on Sunday (Nov. 6), the West Coast legend had to set the record straight on how much weed he actually smokes, claiming his professional blunt roller lied about him smoking over 100 joints a day.

“Bi**h said I smoke… bi**h, this is all in a day’s work. Stop lying,” the 51-year-old said in an Instagram video in response to his most recent Professional Blunt Roller’s (PBR) claims.


“F**k I’ma smoke all that weed in one day. What am I, a f**kin’ machine? Bi**h, this is the roaches. See… roaches,” he added.

The “Gin And Juice” icon then reposted a headline that reads: “Snoop Dogg smokes roughly 75-150 joints a day. Snoop’s official ‘Roller’ says she’s twisted 450,000 blunts since she started working for him in 2016.”

He captioned the post: “The bi**h is conning u man.”


Snoop’s PBR, Renegade Piranha, claimed that the new owner of Death Row Records likes to smoke at least a half-pound a day — the equivalent of 75 to 150 joints.

“I calculate it at over 450,000,” Piranha estimated on the Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show. She also claimed that the “Dogg Father” hardly travels anywhere without a blunt on deck around the 01:36-mark below.

In 2013, Snoop did reveal that he faced 81 blunts per day on Twitter, although it wasn’t confirmed if that was factual or not. He also spoke on The Howard Stern Show in 2019 alongside Seth Rogen where he revealed what being a PBR entailed.


“That’s his J-O-B—his occupation,” Snoop told Stern. “On his resume, it says, ‘What do you do? I’m a blunt roller. P-B-R, professional blunt roller.”

Rogen added, “He [PBR] knows how to gauge the look on someone’s face when it seems like they want a blunt and if they do, he gives you one.”

Snoop Dogg Pays His Professional Blunt Roller Over $50K Per Year

In June, Snoop seemingly confirmed that his PBR makes more than $50,000 as he claimed he had given his employee a raise. He didn’t disclose the exact salary, but when the official UberFacts Twitter account claimed the PBR’s annual salary was somewhere between $40,000 to $50,000, Snoop responded with “Inflation. Their salary went up!!”


Besides cannabis, the businessman recently became the new owner of his former label Death Row Records — the same label responsible for his acclaimed 1993 debut album Doggystyle. He also revealed on Stephen A. Smith’s Know Mercy podcast that he and Dr. Dre have been working on an album tentatively titled Missionary. The project is slated to release later this month.

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