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Hackers Are Reportedly Threatening To Leak Drake, Lady Gaga, And The Weeknd’s Personal Information



DrakeLady Gaga, and The Weeknd are possibly facing a massive breach of their personal information: A law firm that represents the artists, as well as other major musicians, was reportedly hacked this week. The hackers are requesting a large sum of money and threatening to release artists’ personal information.

Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks was recently hacked, according to a report from Page Six. The firm’s website is down and hackers are alleged to hold over 756 gigabytes of data from its artists including contracts, endorsement deals, personal emails, and other personal details. The information is reportedly being held at ransom for a whopping $21 million as they threaten to publicize “personal details” pertaining to Gaga, Elton John, Barbra Streisand, and more.


As a report from Complex states, a firm’s representative confirmed the hacking and has called upon “experts” for help: “It can be confirmed that we’ve been victimized by a cyberattack. We have notified our clients and our staff. We have hired the world’s experts who specialize in this area, and we are working around the clock to address these matters.” Those experts include the FBI, who have reportedly identified the hackers as REvil or Sodinokibi.


The law firm also noted that they were not the only ones to be victimized by the same hackers. A representative stated that HBO, Zoom, and the Texas court system have all been hit with a very similar data breach, calling it a “global extortion scheme.”


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